Monitored Keywords (Simply Measured)

The Monitored Keywords portion of the Simply Measured app allows users to input keywords, phrases, or hashtags and track their occurrences on selected social media channels. Previously, the experience left much to be desired with only list of checkboxes and no information as to what data each social media channel was capable of providing, nor did it convey to the user if their search queries would push them over their monthly volume limits.

These wireframes and screenshots are only a small sampling of the entire experience, however, you can see a vast increase in communication with the user. The Customer Service team reported a significant drop in calls concerning this experience after the new experience launched in December 2014.

I worked with a Product Manager to ensure all error cases were accounted for, and led design from initial sketching, to wireframing and prototyping, to visual design, and assisted the engineering team in building the UI using HTML & SCSS.