Blueprint (Simply Measured)

The Analyst Team at Simply Measured had been using Github for versioning report templates; but seeing as how they predominantly work in Excel, it wasn't an ideal workflow for them, leading us to build a solution in-house that better fit their needs. Enter Blueprint.

Blueprint was built atop Excel to increase the analysts' speed and productivity, however, it proved to be a complicated design challenge. Here you'll see a small sampling of wireframed screens, as well as a few screenshots of the final product. (The pink highlights on the wireframes indicate clickable regions from the Balsamiq prototype, but they will not work here.)

In looking at the visual design further down the page, you'll see how sidebars were also created in Excel to work in conjunction with Blueprint for saving, publishing, and deploying new report versions.

I worked closely with a Product Manager and led the design from initial sketches, through wireframing and prototyping, to visual design. I then worked closely with the engineering team to perfect the styling using WPF.