I was really tempted to title my blog Pollywog, a homophone of my last name combined with the last two letters of "blog," but ultimately decided it was a) a little too weird and b) took up too much space in the navigation.

It's taken me some time to build up the courage to write about anything related to design and tech most likely because, like many designers, I'm my own worst critic and there are times when I feel like I have no idea what I'm talking about.

Today, I'm sucking it up, getting over myself, and just doing it. It helps a bit that my shirt I designed for The Cotton Bureau—"Hashtag"—reached it's printing goal today. It also helps that Chris Messina, inventor of the hashtag (nbd), tweeted about my shirt. Thanks for getting me over the edge, Chris! Be cool like Chris and get one here.*

So, with that, here's my official start to occasional musings on design, technology, and all that lies in between.

Hashtag, hand-lettered by moi

Hashtag, hand-lettered by moi

I actually don't know if Chris bought one, but he apparently thought it was clever enough to tweet about! And yes, I almost peed my pants.

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