Ador iPad App

Design Commission approached me for some initial explorations around Ador's web app. Based on the success of that project, I was asked to create early designs for their iPad app.

The premise of the app matched that of the website: The site would load a variety of images from fashion bloggers or products from online fashion retailers. Clothing and accessories appearing in photos of fashion bloggers would be matched with similar items, and users could click through those items to make purchases at the products' original retailer.

The iPad app featured a horizontal scroll through either clothing and accessories featured by fashion bloggers or items for sale at online stores where users could click through and make purchases. Users could "Ador" items (i.e. bookmark items for future retrieval) by tapping the bookmark icon in the lower left-hand corner of each photo, or remove items from their feed by tapping the "x" in the lower right-hand corner of each photo.

Tapping on a photo would "blow out" the other images and bring the selected image forward. Each item in the image is numbered; when a specific item is selected, an array of similar items from various retailers is displayed next to the image. Selecting a specific product would open up information pulled from the retail site, including the item's name, description, pricing, and a call to action to buy the item at the retailer's site.

Ador was acquired in January 2014 by Light In The Box.